How Much Has The Creator Saved?

One of the chief reasons for being so late with this issue comes from the fact that I did all the writing and editing on a borrowed computer. I was not familiar with the software, nor the hardware. I am really not very computer literate. I am really not a skilled writer either. As a result of the above, it takes me much more time to do something than it would take a skilled writer and a skilled computer operator to do.

The programs I use have far more capabilities than I am able to use. Often I get myself into areas that cause me trouble. I may try a particular function only to find it will not allow me to do what I wanted it to do. I then have to scrap everything I did with it and start all over.

When a person is rushed, not confident, not skilled with the hardware and software and has a deadline to try to meet, it is easy to see trouble ahead.

One of the areas I was not very familiar with was the proper procedures of saving the work in the computer. As one goes along with typing in the articles, it is proper practice to every so often save what was typed. I can't go into all the reasons for this, but if you don't properly save it regularly, you might lose all the work. It is also common practice to make at least one extra copy just in case your original gets damaged, lost, or stolen.

Getting right to the point, for this issue of Dew, I LOST the whole publication TWICE because I did not know how to or did not take the time to properly "save" my work in a way that it would not all be lost. Now I thoroughly believe my Father allowed all this to happen. If He didn't, I probably would not have written what I am about to write.

Large corporations, institutions, and governments go to great expense and time to make certain that their computers properly save all their work so that nothing is lost! What would you say to a banker who told you he can't give you your money because his computer didn't save the transaction?

The Creator of the Universe began a great work eons ago which was to conform man into His image. According to church doctrines, the image He will get will be far from His original plan because He did not properly "save" His work. As a matter of fact, according to church, The Father of All lost most of His work!

The truth of the matter is that our Father purposely lost all of His work with the intention that in the fulness of time, He would send His Son to redeem, save, restore, bring back into memory, etc. all that was purposely lost. Jesus came to seek that which was lost. The Father gave Him all and of all that He gave Him, Jesus said He would lose nothing! Our Father's backup system is perfect and will save all of the Father's work!

Those who teach eternal torment or annihilation say our corporations are better "saviors" than Jesus. What stupidity! The SAVIOR OF THE WORLD is exactly Who He said he was. . . a perfect retrieval system. If I be lifted up from the earth, will draw (retrieve) all mankind unto Myself!

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