Letting Go Of Idols

By Gary Amirault

Idolatry is perhaps the sin of sins. Throughout the Bible, sin is defined at "missing the mark." When it comes to idolatry, missing the mark results in false images of the Creator. The purpose of the Bible, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, is to reveal the true nature of the Creator.

In what has been erroneously called the "Old Testament," we find many names of the Creator, each shedding more and more light as to the character and personality of the Self-Existent One. We then come to what is called the "New Testament," where He reveals even more of Himself.

Most of our readers have gone through several rounds of smashing idols, false images of the Creator, and will probably continue to drop false ideas, until Christ be formed in them.

But what happens when someone comes along and tells you about a particular idol they feel you are embracing and you do not feel it is an idol, or you do not want to give this particular idol up? What happens to our relationship with the True Creator? What happens to our relationship with the person who tried to point out the idol to you?

I am reminded of a time recently, when one of our friends asked us why we didn't have a Christmas tree up. My wife went out of her way not to tell her that we discovered the origin of the Christmas tree had nothing to do with Christ and came from false mythologies. She tried to avoid showing her the Scripture in Jeremiah which shows the foolishness of this kind of thing. But our friend persisted. She wanted to know why we didn't do what everyone else did and why we would deprive our children of this joy. She pressed until my wife finally told her why we did not want to to buy a Christmas tree. My wife made it very clear that we weren't offended by her idolatry.

The next thing we knew, several of our friends were told by this woman that we told her she couldn't have her tree. Her angel on the top didn't light up so she bought another one which also didn't work. She told some of our friends that we probably cursed her tree. Our friendship was severed because of a Christmas tree. If this is what happens over a stupid tree, can you see what happens when talking about the idols of the heart, false concepts of our Father, heaven, hell, rapture, Sonship, etc.. We are not exempt from this kind of thing. When someone comes to you and asks you to honestly look at something in your life, don't immediately reject it Put it on the alter. Give it up and allow our Father to give it back. Little children, keep yourselves from idols. Read Ezekiel chapter 14, open your heart, and pray.

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