Food for Thought

(Please eat slowly and chew well)

By Gary Amirault

In the natural, we have to eat food which the body literally burns up. The level of heat does not produce a noticeable flame, but it does generate heat. Spiritually speaking, we also generate much heat through our emotions and thoughts. The fire of rage and anger very often produces great destruction. If we allow certain ideas into our mind, they can burn up lowly, dense, materialistic thinking. Fire never completely destroys, it takes a densely packed material and loosens it up, sometimes separating the components. Water when put under heat will produce the gases hydrogen and oxygen. The water was not destroyed, it was just brought into a higher state. Water in the gaseous state can rise to great heights whereas in its liquid state is subject in a greater way to the forces of gravity and must remain in the lower places of the earth. Allow the thoughts listed below to be a fire in your mind that will perhaps bring you to higher places. Fire is very good, if it is the right kind of fire.

The thoughts below were submitted by Ira E. Bond.

  • Wounded pride is the major deterrent to reconciliation.
  • When the phone rings, my heart leaps, hoping "Adventure? Change? Novelty?" I am unsettled, unfulfilled.
  • We playfully insult each other when it's too embarrassing to say "I love you."
  • One thing for which I pray is that from which I shrink; that through hardship I may be purified.
  • It's easy to say "I'm so very imperfect"-and something else to name and confess specific faults.
  • When the time comes for you to meet God, you won't be late.
  • We won't be singing solos in heaven.
  • Old-timers once described a relationship in which the Father sternly avoids sentimentality, merely feeding or punishing, leaving the wiping away of tears to his "tender-hearted" Son.-How blind! Rev. 7:15-17 says God will wipe away all tears from their eyes. The Father Himself has unbounded compassion!
  • God never took a risk and never will. He lost nothing-even temporarily-when He sent His Son.
  • Do we sometimes talk too much, even to God? (Eugenia Price)
  • If you are too proud to beg from God, you are too proud.
  • At the end of the world's rainbow is a pot of ashes.
  • Gentleness is power. I need power.

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