Preparing Hearts to Receive His Life

--by Michelle Amirault

After tasting of the reality of His personal love toward each of us, both my husband and I pondered why our Father created the precious intimacies (love-making) that bring forth physical life - a child. The picture is now so clear to us that I feel its beauty should be shared.

As we all know from God's Written Word, even without the illumination of the Spirit, the Father of all creation chose Mary, (Miriam), and BY HIS SPIRIT impregnated her with the physical life of His Son, Jesus the Christ. But before He did impregnate her, He gently, but deliberately PREPARED HER HEART until from her lips came the confession of willingness TO RECEIVE HIS LIFE. It cost her a lot. Her reputation, or who she thought she was, (her virgin state) was in essence destroyed, or so it seemed, by her acceptance of His Life within her womb.

Type and Shadow

So it is with us, for who we "think" we are, is also destroyed by the receiving of the SEED of the FATHER by HIS SPIRIT which births CHRIST JESUS WITHIN US! Did He not beforehand PREPARE OUR HEARTS? Of course He did, for He is EXCELLENT BEYOND MEASURE! And He is the same today as He was then, and will be tomorrow. And we are to be made like Him.

So why do I bring up "love-making"? It occurred to me that in the natural or physical realm, a good lover also prepares his love, before the planting of his seed. Does not a good farmer also prepare the soil before he plants his seed?

Now then from this we can learn as Christ has gently, in a timely way, been birthed in us only after the Father by His Spirit drew and prepared us to receive Christ, His Seed of Life. . so too should we, like our Father, prepare the heart or soul of the "woman" or one we desire BY HIS SPIRIT to plant the Life of Christ within.

So many times I have too boldly tried to force or rush "seeds or words of Life" to others who I felt so desperately needed Christ. Although "I" may have meant well, I now see how unkind, untender, uncompassionate I was. It is like RAPE would be. This may seem harsh, but how many IMPATIENT LOVERS have taken the woman before her time? Is this love? LOVE WAITS until the moment is just right. In my zeal to give or share Christ, with MY impatience and MY motor-mouth I have raped many who by His Spirit should first have gently been prepared. What is so violent here is that the seed of life was often wasted on ground that was not softened to receive and nurture His Life within. As in the bedroom, a soul has to be won before it will-fully submit with all its heart.

We must be sure Who's instruments we are and for what pure purpose we are to plant seeds (words) of His Life --- BEFORE we open our mouth. In this sense our words give HIS LIFE or they give death (Spiritually)-- not only to others, but in many ways to us also. We stand accountable to the Father for every idle word. I sure see my need to be quieter and more patient and more in tune with the Lover of my soul. How about you?

For those of you who have learned quietness or are quiet by your God-given nature, don't be afraid to speak or sow His seed in due season. If the "earth" is hungry, and you see the need, pray inwardly and let the Father use you to GIVE HIS SEED OF LIFE. It should be easier for you to WAIT until THE TIME IS RIGHT.

If these words speak to your heart, then please consider very prayerfully the following thoughts. Many Christians can conceive of a Heavenly Father producing off-spring in His likeness here on earth. They have also been taught He is a loving Father. Along with this, they have been taught that He will literally burn and torment millions of His own children. MOST "Christians" believe this horrible lie about our Father, at least in their carnal minds. I do not believe this lie ever really penetrates deep into their hearts. If there is torment, it is only in one's carnal mind, because in the purity of His Spirit it is easy to see the truth of the awesome beauty of His inner workings. They are the TRUE FIRE OF GOD. HIS ALL-CONSUMING FIERY COMPASSIONATE LOVE is OUR FATHER'S SPIRITUAL FIRE which cleanses, enlightens, and proves us to be of HIM. His liquid-like fire washes our darkness away so that His Life might shine forth and eventually we are to become a LIVING FIRE or LIGHT to others of His beloved children. His LIGHT and TRUTH within our dark earthly thinking can dispel ALL that is not of Him, ALL that is not of ETERNAL value. In more specific terms, one can be fundamentally hot with anger and burn with anguish, or they can Spiritually be hot with His compassion and love for ALL men. Observe the messengers who say our Father burns many of his children eternally to inflict torture. Watch them speak. Look into their eyes. Follow their lives. It is not difficult to discern the source of the message is not of our Father's heart. The HOT COALS He wants us to pour on our enemies' heads are His unending Spirit and Truth and that is His awesome love that laid down His firstborn Son's Life for us, not vengeance torment or unsatisfied anger. Both seeds of anger and seeds of love are hot. Which will we plant? Each will reproduce after their own kind.

My Prayer

Oh mighty, loving Father, teach me to be as You are, a lover of our soul, that those You give me to touch we would prepare to receive Your Love and the Life that comes with it. Fine tune me to be Your Instrument to plant Your SEED (Christ) within "her" (the souls) in the personal ways and perfect timing that only You know. Your Living Word is Christ within me multiplied. Let me not waste it nor spew it thoughtlessly, but remain in the rest of Your Perfection that we might be fruitful and multiply as You commanded Your people to do long ago. Cause me to know what spirit I am in before I speak. Cause me to think of Your beauty, Your Everlasting kindness, compassion and intimate ways before I speak to give forth Your Life. . . the only Life that is eternal, real, and worthy of those You love. Make me ever mindful to PREPARE (inwardly pray) BEFORE I OPEN MY MOUTH. Amen.

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