So Let's Get Real

by Michelle Amirault

So far Gary and I have been blessed and encouraged that as we share with you the "idols" that need smashing, you precious people have responded lovingly to what some of you have called our "outspokenness and honesty." We have addressed issues that apparently God's Spirit has already dealt with or prepared your hearts for. All this is so wonderful and confirming. Now, as we are getting to know each other better, I'm wondering what happens if something is addressed that we are not "prepared" for. How do we react or respond? Would we feel attacked? Could we easily be offended by someone we once felt close to?

It has been my experience to find that suddenly, that "friend" can be hated, feared and cast out of that precious place of being trusted. We've probably all experienced the pain and loneliness of that close intimacy turning to total rejection when a new truth is given to us that they do not see. Most of us have that in common. But could we do that to a "loved" one? Could we despise a strong fire? Sure we could. But will the FIRE OF GOD have HIS way? Sure He the end.

This is all preparation for the future issues of Dew from Mt. Hermon. Maybe even for some, this issue is a fire. Will we continue to welcome the fire or will we call it "strange fire" and turn away? Hopefully, we will look it in the eye and joyfully let the Christ purge away our deepest dross.

In connection with these thoughts, it is my desire to try to share a "vision" I was given by the Spirit of the Father. Later I was told to recall the vision and hold on to it. I am sharing it because I am increasingly becoming aware of how Dew from Mt. Hermon and the tapes and literature God has given us to give His people, are part of His fulfilling of this same vision.

It came as a dream when I was obedient to a prompting to spend the night in a home in which I did not really want to stay. In this dream I saw my own lovely and favorite lamp with its shade. Then I saw myself with a rather long and thick stick, held like a baseball bat, about to smash my very own lamp. I remember gasping at the thought as I swung the stick and smashed my lamp to tiny pieces, which all vanished before my eyes.

"Oh God," I cried out, " Why am I destroying my lamp?" Then, before I got an answer, I saw myself again with the big stick, smashing every lamp that was brought before me. One at a time they too were shattered. This was very serious to me, but I had no joy about it and no understanding. So again I cried out, "Father, I thought you made me a peacemaker. I remember when You showed me that. Did I misunderstand You or have I now become a vessel of destruction?! Oh please Father, (I wept,) I don't want to be a vessel of destruction. But You are the Sovereign God. Who am I to change Your mind?" In my little mind I was thinking how much better I liked the idea of being a peacemaker than being what I, at that time, considered a vessel of destruction. Then brokenly, as I began to pity myself, I heard our Father laughing. It was a tender, gentle laugh. I felt His compassion and was aware He knew my deepest thoughts. At that moment, He answered them saying sweetly, "Oh my child, my precious child. I have called you to break the man-made imitation light, that the TRUE LIGHT OF MY LAMP within my children will shine forth." I knew this was likened to the breaking of Gideon's clay lamps. Victory was had for God's people as the light hidden within the lanterns shone forth. So as I lifted my head still in brokenness, a sweet joy filled my heart as understanding came forth. Then I saw my husband, Gary, and I, both with big sticks, fervently smashing many lovely looking lamps. The peace of God flooded my being. My long term desire to know my purpose or place in Christ seemed satisfied.

It was then that I was reminded that the first lamp that was smashed was my own. I knew that this was God's desire as He had previously taught me in the Old Testament the great importance of His priests, who ministered unto Him, being cleansed properly first themselves. They had to sprinkle themselves with blood, before they sprinkled the people too. And are His people not really part of Him? So then only as a cleansed vessel can HIS LIGHT AND LIFE in me bring forth HIS LIGHT AND LIFE in others of HIS BODY as He deems it. I learned that this "destruction" of man's imitation of God's light MUST BE DONE. Nothing of ourselves will accomplish His plan. It is a good thing then, to be a "vessel of destruction," so that the LIGHT and LIFE of GOD HIMSELF can COME FORTH! Surely we have come to REJOICE knowing that OUR GOD IS AN ALL-CONSUMING FIRE!

Regarding God's faithful ones being put in the fire, we have the perfect type and shadow in Daniel chapter 3. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, God's faithful ones, would not bow down their knees to the false, man-made god. Their consequence was not the regular fiery furnace, for the temperature was to be turned up seven times hotter for these faithful ones. This may sound unfair to the carnal mind. Should not the faithful be spared? By His Spirit we know, those that truly minister to Him must first be cleansed and purified as gold. Most of you probably have already heard that to remove the dross in gold, it is put in the refiner's fire seven times. As for our heroes, we also know that there was a fourth man in the fire with them, our precious Jesus! As a result of this fact, only their BONDS, or ropes put on by men, were burned off. It is the same for us. The lies and deceptions put in us by men must be destroyed, that the pure and golden life of the one true God can come forth. So be it!

In His Love, Michelle

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