An All Occasion Card from Above

By Gary Amirault

Recently, I had a conversation with a mother about her last Mother's Day. That day did not meet her expectations. She woke up that morning wanting a flower, just a single little flower. "Is that too much to ask?" she thought to herself. Her children were away, her husband was asleep and she just wanted a simple little flower to make things all right. She went to church by herself, heard a pretty good sermon and got a single little carnation. There was that single little flower she wanted to make things all right on Mother's Day USA.

But the flower didn't do the trick. Every woman in the church got a flower. Somehow, that flower lost the magic she thought it had. When her desire was fulfilled, it still didn't satisfy. I thought about her condition that Sunday morning. It is a condition we find ourselves in far too frequently. The following words came as a result of contemplating this woman's sadness.

To my precious child,
I saw you today, again disappointed in another day of creation. I am sorry you missed all the opportunities to express my joy which were all around you. You said, "you just want a simple little flower," but obviously that didn't fill the bill, did it? No, really nothing advertised as "filling the bill" will truly meet your need on these man-made holidays. They were designed by merchants and religions to sell flowers, candy, crosses, medallions, ties, and new dresses. Neither these days nor the things sold to make these days complete will ever satisfy the desires of your heart. [By the way, there's nothing wrong in buying flowers, ties, candy and dresses.-ed.] I should know, I made your heart, remember? I am the potter and you are the clay. Someone was supposed to do something for you this day because it was "your" day. How did you get into "your" day? Are you not mine? Are you not a Christian? A Christian lives in "the Lord's Day." How is it that you are living in "your" day?.
In "your" day you experienced disappointment. Let me tell you what you might have experienced had you lived that day abiding in "the Lord's Day." You would have started the day desiring to commune with me. I made that day very lovely. The weather was perfect. Perhaps I would have stirred you to walk with me around the lake. Remember some of those times when the two of us enjoyed my creation together? As we would have strolled that lovely road around the lake, I would have clothed you with my peace. My birds would have sung for you. The trees, majestic, tall, and silent would have created a sense of awe for you and then . . .then I would have opened your eyes. I would have given you hundreds of flowers, thousands of them if you wanted them. White ones, purples ones, yellow ones. You would have seen the gardens of some of your neighbors, who are your brothers and sisters, and you would have enjoyed the beautiful gardens they made. You would not have been covetous, because there is no room for that spirit in MY Day. They would have looked best right in your neighbor's garden. You would not have desired to cut them off to put on your table.
Yes, my child, our stroll through my creation would have given you eyesight to go through the rest of that day without stumbling over YOURself. You would have come home to discover that little rose bush under your daughter's window, planted there by a young friend of hers a couple of years ago. You would have smiled because you helped nurture that bush. You would have discovered in My Day that it produced some of the loveliest roses in town. You would have reflected on this young man for a moment and I would have given you precious thoughts that you could have taken with you through the day. You could have scattered them throughout the day to the people of your town like a flower girl tossing flower peddles at a wedding. You could have cut one of those roses as "your" flower.
I would have brought you back to that dogwood tree in your neighbors yard. Doesn't that thing blossom beautifully? It's so perfect. I would have allowed you to reminisce about how perhaps that tree got there. We could have enjoyed dreaming up different stories of how it came to be planted there. But you were sad that it wasn't on "your" property, remember? Trust me, when I say, it really belongs there. It looks best right where I planted it.
I would have again opened your eyes to let you see, your garden had some lovely flowers in it. I could have given you great joy in making a bouquet with some of them. But you didn't see them because you were in "your" day, not mine.
If you couldn't get outside, I would have opened your eyes to all the lovely plants in your house. Perhaps you would have reflected on how some of them got there and you would have had a wonderful time recalling those moments. Or perhaps we could have done a Bible study. You could have gone through some of those books around you and learned how I used flowers as symbols in the Bible.
You see, my child, there were thousands of flowers all around you for the taking in "the Lord's Day." Mother's Day comes along once a year, My Day is available every day. In My Day there is no lack. In MY Day there are no false expectations and unfulfilled promises. My Day is complete and perfect . . .and it's yours free! I am your inheritance and you are mine. Yes, YOU are mine! I purchased you and I will never let you go. Oh, you may allow a cloud of delusion separate us for a time, but believe me, the Father has given all things into my hands, including you.
In Me, my child, is everything your heart desires. What you need is Righteousness, Peace, and Joy. It is available and it is available now . . .in Me, not in feeling sorry for yourself. No, what you need is in Me and Me alone. Oh, I can use others around you to deliver that which I send to you. But you must understand, every flower in the world comes from me so don't be resentful if one isn't sent to you by someone you think should send you one. They all belong to you now! But you must possess them in Me. Then you won't be disappointed when your expectations of someone else do not come to pass.
So I leave you with this thought which will continue to work in you until you come to complete understanding. There is only one day in which you should walk, you should walk in "the Lord's Day." Let the world follow after the days of religion, government, and business. They will all fall short and will call come to an end, but My Day is eternal. It is now, tomorrow, and forever and the way is open to you, but you must leave the day of yourself behind.
Believe Me, when I say there are some of My people, right now, who are in dungeons with no food, no one to heal their wounds, and certainly no flowers, who are more at peace than you are right now in a beautiful home, family, and flowers all around you. It is because they are living in "MY Day."
MY purpose in leaving these words behind for you is that you may have that abundance of life you seek. I want you to have it and I have prepared the way. There are flowers all along the path, all that your heart would desire. Leave Mother's Day behind and enter into the "Lord's Day." Only in it is abundance of Life filled with the fragrance of what flowers only symbolize. Give me back the symbol and I will give you the reality. I loved you enough to give Myself for you and to you. I am patiently waiting for you to enter the LORD'S DAY . . .you see, I made MY DAY for you.

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