Be a Blessing

Dear Gary,
My name is Victor, which was established in my previous letter in which I requested for one of your research works on "hell-fire." I like to say thank you very much for the copy as well as one of the editions of "Dew from Mount Hermon" which, of course, was a great blessing to me. I went through it over and over again and I would love for you to continue to mail out to me this edition of "Dew from Mount Hermon."
I feel an urge in me to share with you my testimony or should I say my experience with the religious institutions. It's a long story, but I will try to be brief.
I am a boy of 18 years of age schooling in Benin City in the above named school. I'm in my final year. Two years ago I was made the President of the Christian movement in my school for students.
Early 1994, I met a boy from Obaseye Ministries who have me tapes by Rev. Harlo White on the rapture, judgment, and God's eternal purpose to save mankind and this brought me out of the group of hell-fire preachers. Then I began to talk on things of that sort for I believed that was actually the good news.
When the coordinators of the school movement came to know of the kind of things I was ministering, they declared that I was propagating false doctrines. They called me, warned me against the things I was preaching. I felt bad but the Father urged me to continue ministering this truth.
The next thing was that the body of executives of which I was the President was dissolved and another election was carried out of which I was re-elected as President, but the coordinators neglected that and removed me from the body of executives and even my friends in school began to keep away from me because of the impressions about me that was given.
Then the Father made me understand that they who do not know the truth would do all their best to fight against it; but those who can understand this truth are those who have been ordained by God to come to this compassion. I refer to this people as the first fruits that will usher in the harvest (other people).
Obaseyi Ministries is something new and the Father is revealing some wonderful things to us and we give Him all the glory.
Well, you could write to the address below, ask for the list of messages and tapes and from these you could request for some of them and they would be sent to you.
Well, I just thank God for your life and that of your wife, I thank the Father for filling you both with the strength and I thank Him for those he is using along with you both and I pray that the love of God should continue to guide your hearts.
Before I come to the end of this letter, I would love to request for some audio cassettes and literature from your ministry. They include [long list of tapes and literature]. I would love to say that I and a few of my friends in this message have been blessed by your publications.
Good-bye and God bless till I hear again from you.
Yours sincerely,

A Few Exerpts From Some Other Recent Overseas Letters

". . .By the grace of God, I was able to read issure Number 2 of Dew From Mount Hermon, WAO!!! It is bright sparks to my spirit, it was as if many strings and cords were getting broken..."
from Nigeria.
". . . I am very thankful of teaching me how to trust God alone. I have learned much things from your tapes and writings and they are more precious than refined gold and shiny silver..."
from Butuan City, Philippines.
". . . The "hell doctrine" is so popular man-made teaching ever invented to manipulate people to make "decisions" and sign "decision cards"-thus to increase the number of their memberships and to make their "name" known. We know that this Babylonish teaching will crumble as the Gospel of the kingdom advances throughout the face of the earth.
With the publications you sent, I know multitudes of people will be set free from deception. . . We are blessed of your writings that we want to pass them on to others as many as possible. This message of the kingdom must be sent forth even to the ends of the earth. . .We are working here in the Lord's vineyard among the poor, reaching out in the slum areas and poorer districts in our city. A feeding program for the starving and malnourished children is one of the outreach works we have, whereby God's love is demonstrated and expressed in which people can understand of our Father's love."
from missionaries in the Philippines.

A Letter to our readership from Gary Amirault

Dear Brothers and Sisters and friends,

I am blessed by receiving letters like the ones above every week. There are people in these lands who hunger to share what is in their hearts. When they receive confirmation that they are not the only "peculiar" person in this world, it gives them encouragement and a desire to get grounded enough in the message to be able to express the truth scripturally and historically.

Most of the people we correspond with in the third world countries must sacrifice just to send the letter. They do not have the funds to purchase reference books, much less contribute financially to works such as Tentmaker. They are very grateful for what they receive and they pray often for us. These people are the opportunity for us here in America to exercise that advise from Jesus who said that when you make a party, do not invite those who can pay you back. Invite those who cannot pay you back.(Luke 14:12-14)

I give to you, my brothers and sisters in the richer countries an opportunity to exercise Christ's invitation. These brothers and sisters want to sit at our feast of precious truths of the kingdom. The letters they write back after receiving our literature and tapes sometimes bring tears to our eyes and joy to our hearts. Some want to reprint our literature in their native languages.

We want to give you an opportunity to aid these brothers and sisters, many of whom are leaders of assemblies, some train pastors, some want to preach the everlasting gospel on radio. Some want to feed and clothe the little ones in their land. We do not have the resources to satisfy the requests we receive. I suppose we could create an outreach division and prepare all kinds of literature to squeeze some dollars out of you so that we can save the world in your name. This is the way most ministries that claim to reach the world do it. But I would rather you receive the perfect reward from your heavenly Father and that you personally receive the joy of receiving these precious letters yourself. I am not interested in building a giant ministry with your dollars. Small is a nice word. It suits me fine. (The name "Paul," as I mentioned before, means "small.")

Therefore, I invite all of you who are interested in personally corresponding with some of our brothers and sisters overseas and who are interested in working with them to accomplish their goals to write to us. If there is a particular region of the world you are interested in, let us know that as well. We will send you addresses and copies of letters in that region. We hope you would stay in correspondence with us to let us know what you are doing. Should you decide to stop for any reason, we want to be able to give the address to someone else.

So, those of you who have a heart to reach out to a nation, here's is a little opportunity to keep us small and from begging for money for foreign outreach. It is a wonderful opportunity for you to multiply your blessings and to be a blessing. So write to us for those addresses. At the present time, we have addresses that could use your support in Africa, India, and the Philippines. You will be blessed. Now if your heart is saying "yes" I want to prepare a banquet for my brothers and sisters over the seas, get out your pen now. Don't put it off til the thought gets hidden under a pile of dust. Write now and tell us what country you would like to bless. Thanks!

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