Who is the Clay?

How easily we speak of God being the Creator, the One Who forms the Universe and all it contains, yet contradict ourselves one sentence later when speaking of things in our lives that are not working out right. Is He making a mess? Is He sovereign or isn't He? Does He know the beginning from the end or doesn't He? Make up your mind! Did He know you from the foundation of the world? Was the lamb slain from the foundation of the world? Is there anything too difficult for the One who fashions everything with His Love? Does He do all things for His good pleasure? Can you move Him from one little purpose which He purposed in His mind before Creation was set in motion? Can He move the streams and rivers of mankind any time He chooses or does He need permission from the Kings, Presidents, and think-tanks of this world? Did you chose your time and place of birth? Did He really have to ask your permission to save you? Really, oh foolish man? If your answer was yes, you prove the existence of darkness which is something else God created. God subjected creation to futility. And answers like "I have decided to follow Jesus," is proof that there is darkness in the mind of man. Did you chose to enter into this world? Think about all the technology we have in this world and its effect on us. Does its existence come from Satan, or man, or God? Did Hiroshima take God by surprise?

As we leave the darkness of the mind of fallen man, of which the religious mind is sometimes the darkest (Christian or otherwise), we begin to see a Loving Creator, still in the process of creating what He has already finished in His mind. We begin to see an absolutely Sovereign Creator Whose loving hands are creating a masterpiece which the mind of man cannot yet seem to be able to grasp, proof that we still do not see as clearly as we claim.

When we truly begin to live and move and have our being in Him, not just mouth it with our lips because the Bible says so, we begin to see His creation process, we begin to see the importance of the mixture of good and evil, light and darkness, natural and spiritual, heaven and earth. To make a golden vessel requires another material of lesser value to shape the gold into the form we desire. So, too, does God use all the circumstances in our lives, whether good or evil, to bring about something too wonderful for us to grasp hold of only because the earthen mold has not been broken off. We are still seeing through clay.

There was a time when it was impossible to look through clay. But today, there are several technologies which will allow us to see through objects which once prevented us from seeing through them. So, too, our Father has removed many scales from our eyes to see by revelation what was once hidden from us.

But even with our clay clothes still on us, we can begin to see how the sad moments, hurtful experiences, cruelty, etc., have actually helped form us into the beautiful beings we are becoming. I used to be one of the most selfish, ungrateful people I know. I was in great darkness. When He is finished with me, I will become one of the most selfless and grateful people on this earth. Today, even a piece of toilet paper is an item I can be grateful for, and I speak with sincerity.

And when we begin to see the power of God's Holy Spirit breathed into our earthen vessel, and it's transforming power in us, we begin to desire to touch His creation with the same power. We can begin to see hate, selfishness, arrogance, unkindness, cruelty, as lower steps which will ultimately lead us to love, mercy, peace, gentleness, gratefulness . . .

I have said many times, "Show me an angry person, and I'll show you a hurting person." When we begin to see the symptoms as symptoms, and not the disease itself, then we can begin to see what the real disease is. When this begins to happen, God will give us the surgical abilities to remove splinters from people's eyes. But only when we can discern the difference between a log in our own eye and a splinter in another's eye. In the religious world, we usually mistake the beam in our own eye for a splinter in someone else's eye which does not help solve the problem of blinds in this world. As a matter of fact, it probably contributes greatly to the world's condition of blindness.

When we truly see our Father's loving sovereignty in His Creation, don't be surprised if He allows you to touch it with words of life which He will give you. When you can see the lost, dying, hateful, nasty people of this world as raw material useful to create loving brothers and sisters who will one day walk like sons and daughter's of the King of the Universe, then He may give you the power to pick up the snake by the tale and turn it into a rod of authority. Don't be surprised if words may come forth from your mouth directed to a person who responds with, "My God, what are you saying to me. My heart is burning with fire!" Don't be surprised if He may turn you into a burning bush which catches the attention of those walking by. Don't be surprised if tears of compassion well up within you which may melt the heart of the most hardened murderer.

A word with the Spirit of God on it, is the most powerful thing in the universe. That Word, (spermata) from which you were born, that incorruptible Word is what you, a Christian, are birthed from. You were conceived by the word of God and you are destined to grow into maturity. Jesus Christ is the author and finisher of that work, and nothing in the Universe can prevent it.

Now dwell upon the Word, dwell in Him, the Word, dwell upon the understanding that you were conceived by that Word, dwell upon what you are growing into, what you are becoming. Hold onto this Word planted in your heart and meditate upon It in your mind until It dispels the dark caverns of religious thought and bondage. Allow the Word to rise up from your heart, let it fill your mind, that your senses which are controlled by your mind can see clearly, hear purely, taste with discernment, touch with compassion, and speak out of love mixed with boldness and authority.

Now go and meditate, contemplate, dwell, upon the Word Who has given you birth. Look upon Him and be transformed! And let your rejoicing be heard in the heavens, on earth, and under the earth.

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