Love of Money At Wyatt Archaeological Research And Israeli Antiquities

Well, it seems the love of money is indeed the root of all sorts of evil both at the various sites on the internet promoting the false discoveries of Ron Wyatt, founder of WAR (Wyatt Archaeological Research), and now, even at the Israeli Department of Antiquities. If you have enough money, the Israeli Antiquities Department will let you play in the sands of Israel pretending you are doing serious archaeological research when, in fact, you are simply hustling people for their money with bogus archaeological “discoveries.” There are a number of foundations in the United States that give the appearance of being credible Biblical archaeological organizations which, in fact, many of them are crack pots or shrewd shysters taking advantage of unsuspecting people trying to understand the Bible and the history of Israel better. On a similar front, there are dozens of Christian organizations who have lock-stepped with all sorts of propaganda machinery from Israel and Jewish organizations in the West to promote their political, military and economic agendas in the Middle East. Biblical Archaeology has been hijacked by Right Wing Doomsday Evangelicals who have been hoodwinked and railroaded by fanatical Jewish/Israeli agendas. Biblical Archaeology has become a zoo. So has the Christian Publishing Industry. It is being taken over by atheists, secular humanists and Jews. Just one example to prove my point.

Zondervan Publishing is a leading Christian book publisher whose primary market is Evangelical Christians. But do you know who owns Zondervan? Do you know what religious and political beliefs they have? Whatever their beliefs are, do you think they "might" be interested in leading the company towards something THEY believe in? Do you think they "might" be interested in injecting their beliefs and ideas about the world into this leading Christian publishing company? Would you? You KNOW you would if your religious beliefs are important to you.

The Satanic Bible by Anton La Vey is published by HarperCollins, the company above Zondervan Publishing Company in the long chain of media companies owned by NEWSCORP, run by Peter Chernin, a Jew.

Zondervan has publishing rights to the best selling Christian Bible translation, the New International Version. If the head of the corporation who owned Zondervan was of a different religion, do you think he might try to use his influence regarding what books the company should sell or promote? Look and see what globalization is bringing.

Zondervan is owned by Harper SanFrancisco, which is owned by Newscorp the brainchild of Rupert Murdoch, one of the richest men on earth. Rupert Murdoch whom made Peter Chernin, a Jew, Chief Operating Executive, who, in turn put a whole army of Jews in charge of their hundreds of other holdings which include major TV and radio stations, publishing companies, cable companies, recording companies, sports teams, newspapers around the world. of the largest Christian publishing companies run by a man whose religious beliefs are against Christianity! Let me tell you, while this article is about a Biblical archaeological con-man and his accomplices, there is a much bigger story behind this one. And if you value your freedom, it would behoove you to search things out. You would, I'm sure be very upset if you discovered your sources for Christian materials was owned by a Muslim, and you should be. If a Christian clandestinely gained control of most major media reaching the Jewish community, Jews around the world would be up in arms, wouldn' they? Yet this is happening to Christians right now and they are asleep. "My people perish for lack of knowledge." Hosea 4:6 Wake up!

There are many Indiana Jones types looking for fame through archaeology, especially Biblical Archaeology. The trick for these bogus foundations and institutes is to find a way of getting people to finance their “expeditions. It takes a good con-man to really pull it off. Ron Wyatt has been among the best. He raised many tens of thousands of dollars from naïve Bible believers for his “expeditions.” During these expeditions, Wyatt would enjoy traveling around the world, often living in nice hotels with a traveling girl friend companion. What a way to live!

Surely, Wyatt has not disappointed those who have supported him. Ron Wyatt claims to have discovered far more than any credible archaeologist could ever expect to discover in ten lifetimes, let alone one. Yes, according to the various internet sites promoting W.A.R. products such as DVD’s, books, tours to Israel, etc., among Ron Wyatt’s discoveries is Noah’s Ark, the Ark of the Covenant, the Exodus Crossing, chariot wheels from the Exodus Crossing, the location of Mount Sinai, the site of Christ’s crucifixion, actual blood from Jesus Christ with only 24 chromosomes (an impossibility), Sodom and Gomorrah, actual samples of the rain of fire from the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and much more. Most of these sites under different internet names and urls are run by the same people. You see, dear reader, those shysters have to create various new internet sites to try to keep their garbage on top on the search engines. Our pages exposing their frauds are among the top ten pages of main search engines. They have been quite busy trying to get our pages exposing them buried beneath their avalanche of advertising using multiple web sites.

Since Ron Wyatt’s death, his wife along with her new husband and a host of others are still making money from Wyatt’s bogus claims. Recently, went to Israel to re-open the way to the cave in which Wyatt claims lies the actual Ark of the Covenant from Moses’ time. Wyatt claims the Ark of the Covenant was actually covered with the blood of Jesus Christ who was supposedly crucified above the cave. According to Wyatt, he discovered a hole in which the Cross of Christ was planted. Beneath that hole was a crack that led into the cave in which the Ark of the Covenant was situated. According to Ron Wyatt, he took samples of the blood to an Israeli blood lab. They told him, according to Wyatt, that this blood only had 24 chromosomes, and that it was alive! He also said that the folks at the lab were ready to hear about Jesus as a result of this. You can watch Ron Wyatt on YouTube discussing this. This supposedly happened years ago. Of course, we don’t have any of this evidence available to us. The men at the lab are anonymous. Ron Wyatt’s “evidences” disappear as quickly as he discovers them. The blood of Christ has vaporized and we only have Ron Wyatt’s tales on his videos and his recorded presentations some of which have been posted on YouTube.

This last visit to Israel by Mrs. Mary Nell Wyatt and her new husband was supposed to uncover the cave that contained the Ark of the Covenant that was covered with the very blood of Jesus Christ. They got permission from the Israeli Antiquities Department to do some excavating near Zedekiah’s cave which is where Ron Wyatt said the entrance to the tunnel to the Ark of the Covenant was years ago. You, reader, might wonder, if Wyatt Archaeological Research is a bogus operation, why would the Israeli Antiquities Department grant Mrs. Mary Nell Wyatt and company a license to dig? That’s a good question. I asked my source in Israel who used to be a curator at the Israeli Department of Antiquities. He said “MONEY!”

These Bible zealots pay big bucks for those licenses. They are never allowed to dig in areas that are really significant to archaeology. These quasi-archaeology foundations from the United States usually sell group visits to Israel. This is good business for the Israeli Tourist Department as well as for Antiquities. These American Christians are put to the task of filtering threw debris most of which is worthless and it costs Israel no money for labor. These Christians are overjoyed at the thought they are uncovering artifacts that will prove the validity of the Bible and their faith. The Jewish officials watch and smile as these deceived innocent Christian zealots toil in the sun looking for the Ark of the Covenant or some other great find they were sold on by the “archaeologist” who put the whole trip together. Israel makes out and the quasi-archaeological organization that collected a lot of money from them makes out and the sheep that get fleeced are just happy as a lark.

My source who knows all the major players at the Israeli Antiquities Department informed me that the Wyatt Archaeological Research team had equipment that he and archaeologists gloated over. Wyatt is taking in big bucks.

In the end, did they find the Ark of the Covenant with all that equipment AND a license from the Israeli Department of Antiquities? No, after a mountain of B.S. of the dangers the 30 volunteers experienced trying to get to the tunnel through which Wyatt supposedly gained entrance into a cave that contained the Ark of the Covenant, the results of the thousands of dollars of time, travel expense, equipment, licensing fees, etc was the kind of stuff a land settled by many civilizations over thousands of years would be filled with, that is, broken pottery and glass etc. But no Ark of the Covenant! And no matter how many people they sucker into giving them money for equipment, licenses, and expenses, they will never find the Ark of the Covenant there because Ron Wyatt never found it there in the first place. My source in Israel said that not only did they not find the entrance to what they were looking for, the LOST their expensive truck. Someone stole their truck! My source said it served them right.

There is an old letter posted on from a person who personally knew Ron Wyatt and participated on some of his travels.
Bernard Brandstater, who is also a Seventh Day Adventist like Ron Wyatt, believed that Ron had a mental disease where he actually believed that he had discovered these sites and materials. This, I suppose could be true, but based upon the following account given me by a businessman's lawyer who had a personal run in with Wyatt, I question this belief.

When I first investigated Ron Wyatt of Wyatt Archaeological Research several years ago, I spoke with a lawyer of a businessman who contracted with Ron Wyatt to be the first to reveal the Ark of the Covenant on television to the world. This businessman went to Israel with his lawyer and a professional camera crew from Nashville. When it came time to film the entrance to the tunnel that led to the cave in which was supposed to be the Ark of the Covenant covered with the blood of Christ and other furniture, Ron told them that he had best go down into the pit first to make sure it was safe for them all to go through. Ron Wyatt went down and then came back up telling them that the entrance had caved in; that it wasn’t safe to go down. The lawyer did not believe Ron Wyatt. He said he was going to go down to the bottom of the pit where there was supposed to be a horizontal tunnel or shaft that was to lead to the cave and see for himself whether there was a cave-in. Wyatt tried to restrain him, but the lawyer persisted. When the lawyer went down to the bottom of the pit, there was NO CAVE IN. It was just a hole in the ground. There was no tunnel. All sides of the pit were solid soil. A cave in would have been easily noticeable. Ron Wyatt simply lied. Coming out of the pit, Ron knew there was no cave in. Ron Wyatt conned this successful Seventh Day Adventist businessman of thousands of dollars.

What really amazes me is that ten years after I wrote a lengthy expose of Wyatt Archaeological Research and collected much evidence through people that personally knew him and were defrauded by him and sited emails and letters from experts in the field of archaeology, geology and other fields, thousands of Christians every year still visit Wyatt Museum, still buy DVD’s and books from accomplices like Richard Rives, Pinkowski, Mary Nell Wyatt, John McCoy, Bill Fry, Kevin Fisher, Jonathan Gray, Rebecca Samsing, Lenneri Moller and Henry Gruver. There are dozens of internet sites that still hawk books and DVD's on these bogus discoveries. Here are a few of them:,,,,,,,,,,, Do all these people involved in perpetuating these frauds have the same disease Wyatt is said to have possibly had? No! They know what they are doing, they are running a con for profit.

Here is one email sent to me back in the 1990’s when I first did my investigation. It summarizes what the professional archaeological community think of this whole crowd. It is on our internet site dealing with this whole affair:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Thu, 8 Aug 1996 10:13:12 +0300 (IDT)
Subject: Re: Ron Wyatt

Dear Mr. Searcy

Mr. Ron Wyatt is neither an archaeologist nor has he ever carried out a legally licensed excavation in Israel or Jerusalem. In order to excavate one must have at least a BA in archaeology which he does not possess despite his claims to the contrary. We are aware of his claims which border on the absurd as they have no scientific basis whatsoever nor have they ever been published in a professional journal. They fall into the category of trash which one finds in tabloids such as the National Enquirer, Sun etc. It's amazing that anyone would believe them. Furthermore, he has been thoroughly discredited by various Christian organizations such as Creation Research in Calif. For the latest on his "discoveries" I suggest going into the WWW (use Vista) someone called Tentmaker ( decided to do an expose of his various claims. Here you will find the truth, which is more amazing that his (RW) fictions.

Joe Zias
Curator of Anthropology/Archaeology
Israel Antiquities Authority
POB 586, Jerusalem
Tel. 972 2 292624
Date: Thu, 8 Aug 1996 10:13:12 +0300 (IDT)
End quote.

It grieved me that so many thousands of sincere Christians have been so greatly deceived even after so much evidence is presented to them proving the falsehood of Ron Wyatt’s claims. I am amazed at how much hate mail I still get from those who believe I am speaking against one of God’s anointed end-time messengers. I should not be surprised at the hate mail. Every religion in the world has its ways to fleece their flocks. Perhaps my efforts were just a waste of time.

Gary Amirault
Tentmaker Ministries
For further evidence against Ron Wyatt, Wyatt Museum, Wyatt Archaeological Research and those who are peddling Wyatt’s bogus discoveries:

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