The doctrine of Hell has held sway over the minds of mankind for thousands of years. It has tormented countless minds and souls and caused incalculable harm to the societies that have perpetuated teaching. It is time to eradicate it. It is time to free humanity from such hideous concepts of God and the afterlife. Gary Amirault, founder of Tentmaker Ministries, teaches how this pagan concept crept into Christianity. He reveals that the original languages of the Bible did not contain such concepts. The Bible in its original languages teaches that God, our Creator, is also our Father. Eventually He will draw all mankind to Himself. No one will be estranged from Him. Discover God's love for you.

Love Wins


The Christian Bible teaches that "God is Love," all-powerful and omniscient yet, according to the traditional church, He manages to lose most mankind to a Hell of everlasting punishment. This seems most inconsistent and unreasonable for millions of people. Using his knowledge of the church, the original languages of the Bible and the aid of the Holy Spirit, Gary Amirault reveals a God who is truly love - a love that never fails. Gary proves the concept of Hell, which makes God appear to be a failing hypocrite was NOT the belief of the prophets, Jesus, His disciples or early believers. This concept was ADDED to the church under Emperor Constantine and church leader Augustine. Gary reveals how the most powerful thought "God is love" was snuffed out bringing with it the Dark Ages. Discover the faith of the early believers in Christ who believed nothing was impossible with God including the salvation of all mankind. The early believers in Christ were universalists, that is, they believed everyone would be saved through Christ's Cross. There was no place of eternal separation according to the early Christians and their leaders. In the end, Love Wins for everyone! All things are possible with God. The problem is with man's shortsightedness.

Love's Corner


God is love. Fathoming the depths of His love can only come from a spiritually alive relationship with Him. He created each of us to have this interaction and overflow with His love for us and then give it to others He puts in our path. Michelle Amirault talks about some of the ways she has received God's love. She speaks in a down-to-earth way without all the religious hoopla.








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