The Hope of Israel

By Philip Mauro
Published In 1922
"Not giving heed to Jewish fables"


"There are certain Prophetic passages in the Old Testament, which, apart from the light afforded by the New, might be taken as relating to "Israel after the flesh," and as foretelling the restoration, at some future day, of their national greatness. The erroneous doctrine of the teachers of Israel was based upon an unspiritual interpretation of their own Scriptures; for "they know not the voices of their prophets which were read every sabbath day."

Not Giving Heed to Jewish Fables (Titus 1:14).

Jewish fables (literally, myths) are no new thing. Paul has plainly warned the household of faith not to give heed thereto. He has not given us a list of those grievous heresies; but it is well known that the one that was most fondly cherished, and that constituted the gravest menace to the truth of the gospel, was the notion that the leading purpose of the mission of the coming Messiah would be the reconstitution of the Jewish nation and its elevation to the highest pinnacle of earthly dominion and glory; for that fatuous doctrine was the cornerstone of orthodox Judaism in Paul's day; and because of his sturdy opposition to it he was persecuted, his enemies plotted to take his life, and he was sent a prisoner to Rome. No wonder that, during the term of his imprisonment there, he wrote to Titus his plain-spoken warning against "Jewish fables."

Such being the case, we question if there be anything in all the long history of Christianity that is more difficult to account for than the fact that that particular fable, concerning the purpose of Christ's mission to the Jewish people, has become the central feature of a system of doctrine which, in this 20th century of our era, has found numerous and zealous advocates amongst orthodox Christians. In view of this extraordinary phenomenon, it surely behooves those who take the Holy Scriptures for their guide and instructor in all matters of faith and doctrine, to search them with the utmost care "whether these things be so." This present volume is the result of a painstaking investigation of that important question.

The investigation of that question leads inevitably to the subject of the Millennium; and it is believed the reader will find, in the last chapter of the present volume, something fresh upon that subject of perennial interest. Enough at this point to say that, as the author now sees it, the great question concerning the Millennium is not When? but Where?

CHAPTER 1 – The Nature and Importance of the Question

CHAPTER 2– How are the Old Testament Prophecies of Blessing to Israel to be Interpreted?

CHAPTER 3– How the Old Testament Prophecies Concerning Israel Are Interpreted by Paul

CHAPTER 4– What the Fathers of Israel Were Looking For

CHAPTER 5– God’s Warnings Through Moses to His Earthly People

CHAPTER 6– God’s Promises To The Children Of Israel Fulfilled By Joshua

CHAPTER 7 – Salvation in Zion; The Sure Mercies of David

CHAPTER 8– The Travail of Zion

CHAPTER 9 – The New Covenant

CHAPTER 10– Ezekiel’s Prophecies: The Doom of Jerusalem, The Branch, The Shepherd of Israel, The Valley of Death

CHAPTER 11– Ezekiel’s Temple: Waters Flowing from the House, Where did the Spirit Descend at Pentecost?

CHAPTER 12– What the New Testament Teaches as to Future Mercies for the Jews

CHAPTER 13– The Hope of the Gospel, Christ’s Personal Teaching

CHAPTER 14– Other New Testament Passages on the Future of Israel

CHAPTER 15– Where is the Promise of His Coming?

CHAPTER 16– The Election Hath Obtained it; Hath God Cast Away His People?

CHAPTER 17 – Building Again the Tabernacle of David

CHAPTER 18– Shall Israel Be Restored as a Nation?

CHAPTER 19– The Millennium


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