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Man: The Habitation of the Holy Spirit

The Habitation of God by John G. Lake "God is not all in all, and never will be all in all, until the will of God rules in the heart of every man, in the soul of every man, until the redemption of Jesus Christ in its great and ultimate purpose becomes a reality, a finality."

Christ Liveth In Me by John G. Lake "Christ has a purpose in you. Christ's purpose in you is to reveal Himself to you, through you, in you. We repeat over and over that familiar phrase, "The church, Which is His body", but if we realized the truth of it and power of it, this world would be a different place."

Holiness Unto the Lord by John G. Lake "Even though God has baptized a soul with the Holy Spirit, there yet remains, as with Jesus, the present necessity of walking in humility, and permitting the Spirit of God to be his absolute guide."

Be Filled With The Spirit by K.P. Yohannon "Serving God is not like working for a company or a political party. It is not accomplished merely by using money and plans...But building something supernatural-- that lasts for eternity-- can only be done by supernatural power from the living God."

The Gift of Christ by Chip Brogden "I am afraid that we do not truly appreciate the fact that God has never given us things, but has summed up everything into Christ, having poured Himself into His Son. Having the Son, possessing the Son, being one with the Son, we have and possess everything God is."

New! (12/01/05) The Anointing of the Priesthood by J. Preston Eby "...When God came into us by the Holy Spirit, He became mingled with us, He in us, and we in Him. However, the work of God to mingle and unite Himself with man is not an instantaneous process..."

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