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July 31st, 2015

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What is the Victorious Glorious Gospel of Grace? Jesus, The Chosen One, Saves All!

The Bible, correctly translated teaches Jesus Christ, the Chosen One of our heavenly Father will save the whole world. Hell will be empty when Jesus and His believers (His called out ones) are finished. That is the growing view of Bible scholars, translators, Bible publishers and ministers of grace. Hell is leaving the pages of many Bible translations. Jesus Christ is becoming "Lord of all."

Experience your heavenly Father's and Son's unfailing love for you. Be set free from the fear that you or a loved one may be eternally damned to Hell. Beloved, because you ARE loved, now you can BE LOVE.

Does the Doctrine of Hell cause insanity? Pastor's daughter thinks so.

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Savior of All Mankind
You Are Going To Hell!
by Deborah Giordano
The Spirit of Church by Gary Amirault. Read quotes from famous Church leaders.
Confessions of a former Hell Teaching Pastor
Once Saved, Always Saved Brings No Lasting Comfort By Charles Slagle
Unique Proof for (Biblical) Universalism by Gary Amirault

God is Love! An excellent audio intro to the love of God for all mankind.
Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God/Sinners in the Hands of a Loving Creator Rebuttal of Jonathan Edward's famous diabolical sermon by Gary Amirault

Bible Matters
The Bible's Purpose By John Gavazzoni
The Best Bible Translation By Gary Amirault
The Best Translation by Gary Amirault

Blog (Tentmaker)
Love Wins or Love Loses (Rob Bell Versus Evangelicalism) Bell Releases New Book

Rob Bell at the Gates of Hell

Is Hell Eternal? Or Will God's Plan Fail? by Charles Pridgeon. Excellent treatment!
The Spirit of the Word by A.P. Adams. Old Classic articles on UR
Hope Beyond Hell by Gerry Beauchemin. Excellent apolegetic for universal salvation.
Also available is our
Mercy and Judgment by Canon F.W. Farrar. Excellent scholarly book on universal salvation.
Christ Triumphant by Thomas Allin For the first time on Tentmaker!

Book Review
When the Church Leaves the Building by David Fredrickson. Learn to be discipled by Jesus not man.
Short Meditations on the Bible and Peanuts
by Robert L. Short with Charles M. Schulz Peanuts characters.

Why Preach? by J. Preston Eby

Hot Current Issues
Ever Been to Hell and Back?
Honest Questions and Answers about Hell
Have You Lost A Loved One?
The Hell Test Every pastor, Bible teacher and seminary professor should be required to take this test.
The Doctrine of Hell Terrorizes
Is Hell Teaching Beneficial?
Is the Church Tithe Scriptural? The tithe is not only unscriptural, it is ILLEGAL according to God's word!
The Power of the Fear of Hell

Ninety nine is Not Enough!
Clay Balls
Spiritual Foot Washing

Intimate Divine Moments
Communion at His Table
Principles on Intercessory Prayer From the life of Rees Howells

Which is a Better Motivator? Love or Fear?
How Christianity Turns People Away From Christ
The Unselfishness of God
by Hannah Whitall Smith...Read what the publishers of her autobiography edited out!
Jacque Ellul famous philosopher/writer on Universal Salvation.
Visitor Comments page with additional testimonies!

Adam Succeeded, Will Christ? Great tract in PDF form for perfect printing. Get them out there. Be the evangelist for Christ's Sake!



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Audio 2
More Messages by Gary Amirault
Music Free songs to listen to or download

Scholar's Corner: Summary of some of our best articles on ultimate reconciliation!

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What Really Is Hell?


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