The Sovereignty of God or the Sovereignty of Man?

by David Sprenger

The Sovereignty of God
  1. God's eternal plan determines man's destiny.
  2. The "fall" in the Garden: God's divine arrangement
  3. Christ: already provided before the "fall".
  4. Salvation: God's gift given through repentance.
  5. Faith: the fruit or proof of salvation.

  6. Works: the evidence or results of salvation.
  7. "Free will": Free only if the Son sets us free.
  8. The elect: God's "first fruits" chosen by Him through grace to be His own.

  9. Born again: Christ decides to awaken (resurrect) you from the dead. Then you respond.
  10. God initiates (chooses). Man responds.
  11. Prayer: communion (alignment) with God's will.
  12. Hell: purifying/ remedial/ age-lasting (temporal).
  13. Death: will be destroyed (including the second death which is the lake of fire.)
  14. God wins: totally and victoriously--through the "reconciliation of the world".
  15. Mercy triumphs over judgement! (I Chron. 16:34)
  16. Love never fails! (I Cor. 13:8)
  17. God will be "all in all"! (I Cor. 15:28)

Etc. Etc.
The Sovereignty (Free Will) of Man
  1. Man plans and determines his own destiny.
  2. The "fall": God's plan tragically gone awry.
  3. Christ: "Plan B" to correct the big mistake.
  4. Salvation: A gift because of (produced by) repentance.
  5. Faith: the condition or requirement for salvation.
  6. Works: the requirement to earn and keep salvation.
  7. "Free will": Free to choose our salvation and destiny
  8. The elect: Those good enough (smart enough? humble enough? lucky enough?) to choose God.
  9. Born again: You decide to change and turn to God. Then God responds.

  10. Man initiates (chooses). God responds.

  11. Prayer: To initiate or even change God's will.
  12. Hell: punitive/vindictive/eternal.

  13. Death: will reign in "hell forever".

  14. Satan wins: the vast majority of creation perishs- only a few (the remnant) survive.

  15. Judgement triumphs over mercy.

  16. Love fails miserably.
  17. God will be all only in some.

Etc. Etc.

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