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Whatever Became of Melamie? By Allan E. Chevrier published by Tentmaker Ministries and Publications, Inc. Copyright 2009

ISBN: 978-0-9708124-4-5

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Whatever Became of Melanie? is the story of Alice, a middle-aged, single mother, who loses her oldest child, Melanie to a tragic death. Alice is a conservative Christian; Melanie, a troubled, rebellious teenager who chose to turn away from the church and the gospel of Jesus Christ. The though of her beloved daughter being consigned to the flames of everlasting hell has devastated Alice, driving her to the verge of a nervous breakdown. Brenda, a long-lost childhood friend, comes to the funeral and invites Alice to return home with her. She too is a conservative Christian, but with one major difference. Brenda and her husband have discovered Biblical truths and principles that have led them to challenge and eventually reject the doctrine of Hell.


Mr. Chevrier presents a thought-provoking and exciting discussion on this pressing and timely issue, and he does so through the unique literary style of a theological novel. The extensive dialogue between two friends is not the dry disquisitions of professional theologians, but rather, delightfully founded upon the warm intelligent, and honest experiences of everyday life. In this bold, new genre he appeals to both the serious student and inquisitive novice, challenging both intelligent and emotions with sound, compelling arguments that are firmly founded upon the Holy Scriptures, reason and the moral intuition of an advancing, empathetic society. Though a novel, this book is not a shallow treatment. Mr. Chevrier has been a conservative Christians and avid student for over thirty years in his adult life. As he has confessed: “What I write, I have lived.” This next quote so profoundly reveals his heart: “My sole purpose in writing this book is to bless. If it can be used of God to remove the dark veil from the mind of just one of His precious children, then my labor will not have been in vain.”


Allan E. Chevrier lives with his family in Sudbury , Ontario , Canada , where he has worked as a technical writer and served extensively as a lay minister.


Selected quotes:

“Is Paul nothing more here than a sleazy spokesman for an unscrupulous, inept politician, who promises mountains but delivers only mole hills, I don't think so! Has sin reigned in God's creation? It most certainly has! Will it always reign, sealing forever the wretched fate of billions of God's children, forever marring and ruining His most precious handiwork? No! It will not! For where sin has reigned and to the extent it has increased, so grace will conquer and reign, increasing far beyond the regions and influence of sin, eventually finding and restoring each and every lost sheep, clothing us all in the very brightness of His glory forever! Regardless of all the judgment passages in the Bible and all the metaphors and Eastern images that have been forced to bear the false burden of eternal torment, there is a truth that rises above them all, a glorious destiny and precious reality which they all serve. GOD IS LOVE AND LOVE NEVER FAILS! (1 Jn. 4:16; 1 Cor. 13:8) All His mighty attributes and perfections, all His fearful judgments and wrath are but servants and ministers of His love that will one day bring His family home, not missing even one, to be perfectly holy and happy, united and free, forever and ever!

“In the entire Christian world from 170 to 430 A.D. there were six major Christian learning centers. We're not talking about Bible colleges, but influential theological seminaries. Of the six, one promoted eternal torment, one believe in annihilation while four taught and proclaimed universal salvation.


“The first systematic statement of Christian doctrine was written by Origen in 220 A.D. and everything in it hinged upon the doctrine of universal reconciliation.


“The first real proponents of eternal torment were Latin, who were ignorant of Greek, and obviously not as well equipped to interpret the Greek Scriptures, as Greek scholars who believed and taught universal salvation.


“No writer during the first three hundred years, who identified and refuted heresies, referred to universal salvation as heresy.


“For the first five hundred years, not a single creed expressed any ideas that were out of harmony with universal reconciliation or in favor of eternal torment. There were no arguments framed against universal salvation by any church fathers until Augustine in 420 A.D.


“While councils continually assembled for the purpose of sniffing out and condemning heresies, no ecumenical council for the first five hundred condemned universal reconciliation.


“The chief heresy hunter of the day was Epiphanius. He compiled a thorough list of 80 heresies; universal salvation was not on the list. During this time, Gregory of Nyssa, an outspoken believer in universal salvation was the most prominent figure in the church, and Epiphanius didn't touch him. Now how much heat would Billy Graham get if he openly rejected the doctrine of eternal punishment?


“For more than five centuries, the greatest theologians and teachers, who were known for their learning, piety and missionary zeal were believers in the final holiness and happiness of all.


From Gary Amirault, founder of Tentmaker: “There are many books filled with historical and scriptural facts proving the doctrine of universal salvation. (See Tentmaker Site) Allan E. Chevrier packages this information is a nice flowing novel. For those who have a difficult time reading technical theological material, this book is a good alternative. The book deals with soteriology and eschatology from a universalist point of view. William P. Young, author of 'The Shack,' edited by Wayne Jacobsen went a long way towards restoring a truer image of God in the form of a novel. He didn't go far enough. Allan E. Chevrier in 'Whatever Became of Melanie?' goes much further. The God who IS Love is restored to His true image in this theological novel. '(S)he who the Son sets free is free indeed.' This book will set many people free from the fears that have held so many people in bondage. There have been many different words used to describe this historical and biblical teaching: universalism, larger hope, greater faith, apokatastasis, apocatastasis, ultimate reconciliation, universal salvation, universal restoration, universal reconciliation, doctrine of inclusion, , Glorious Gospel, Paul calls it 'my gospel,' victorious gospel of Jesus Christ and many more. Simply put, God is love, a love the NEVER fails. The traditional gospel of the modern Roman Catholic, Orthodox or Protestant Church is a gospel that fails for most of mankind. It's time to replace this hope destroying bad news with the Victorious Gospel of Jesus Christ."

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