Your Teaching Made Me
Fall In Love With God

From Alex in Cameroon , Africa

June 9, 2008

Dear brother Gary Amirault,

Warm Christian love and greetings with my best wishes for your good health in the precious name of our saviour and Lord Jesus Christ.

I am truly sorry that this letter has long been overdue. I was badly attacked by Malaria, and typhoid to an extent that I thought I was going to die but the Almighty God said, “No!” Nevertheless I am improving. Thanks be to God.

You wanted to know how I came upon your material and my ability to receive material via email? One of my friends, a Baptist church pastor gave me the booklet “The Tithe is Illegal” which he badly disagreed with but when I read it I was instead blessed. So I came back to him and asked if he had any other booklets written by you. This time he gave me just every booklet and tracts: a copy of Dew from Mount Hermon , The Gates of Hell, Breaking Bread Bible Study, and some tracts. These few literatures alone change my whole spiritual life. It created in my deep love for God as never before. Your teaching and the way you see things made me fall in love with God. Just of recent I asked him how he came upon your material and he said a brother from “C.MF.” (Christian Millenial Fellowship) in the U.S.A sent them to him. This is just a brief account. As I earlier told you, I have access to internet when I move 60 km from where I stay.

I can say, that God almighty has finally directed me to you. Being a Pentecostal Pastor for many years, I was not satisfied with the “modern majority view” of God, that is, “The Great Tormentor” so a friend connected me to Christian Millenial Fellowship of Harford, U.S.A where I learned much, but was not satisfied with the doctrine of annihilation “Great Annihilator” although we agree with many doctrines. “The Great Savior” did something wonderful to me to confirm Hw is the “Great Savior” as you put it.

One day as I was studying and meditating over your literature, I received a parcel of booklets and literature from C.M.F by U.S.A sent by one brother. Enclose in the parcel was a literature with the title “Read and Search, God's Plan” by Harold Lovelace of Spiritual Development Fellowship, U.S.A. Every aspect in this book confirmed all that I have been studying and meditating in your books. You see – two witnesses confirmed it. The story is long, I will unfold gradually. I want to continue to learn and gown in your ministry.

Acts 16:9, 10. Have you seen this vision? Come to Cameroon and help us. Do you know anybody in Cameroon who is interested? If yes, direct me to him and I will do everything to meet him.

Doume is a sub-division and one of the remote areas in the country but the soil is fertile and good for agriculture. The only difficulties are – no materials to fell the forest, lack of working materials and seeds, lack of drinking water and health centers. People die daily from malaria. Pray for us.

It is difficult to have access to the internet save when I move to the nearest town. Neverthless, each month I'll move to read from you. They are many people in this province who don't even know what is internet or computer. Well, put me in your prayers and ask the brethren to pray for us. Finally, the Lord bless you richly, Alex

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