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The Words of the Wise prod us to live well. They are like nails hammered home, holding life together. Ecclesiastes 12:11

Activism, Protest, Dissent Quotes

Adversity Quotes

Apathy, Indifference, Tolerance Quotes

Apathy & Empathy Quotes

Quotes on America

Atheism/Agnosticism Quotes

Bible Quotes

Children Quotes

Christian Quotes

Church Quotes

Common Short Proverbs

Corruption Quotes

Courage Quotes

Cowardice Quotes

The Cross/Identifying with Christ

Death, Beveavement, mourning, solice quotes

Deception Quotes

Democracy Quotes

Discipleship Quotes

Education Quotes

Encouragement, Encouraging Quotes

Ethics and Morality Quotes

Evangelism Quotes

Evil Quotes

Excuses, Failure Quotes

Faith Quotes

Flattery, Praise, Criticism and Encouragement

Forgiveness Quotes

Fear, Hate, and Ignorance Quotes

Freedom and Liberty Quotes

Free Press Quotes

Free Speech Quotes

Friendship Quotes

George Orwell Quotes


Giving, Sharing, Generosity Quotes

God Quotes

The Golden Rule of Major Religions

Gold Nuggets, Gems and Pearls

Government and Governing Quotes

Grace quotes - Quotes on Grace

Gratitude and Thanksgiving

Great Quotes

Greed, Materialism and Avarice

Quotes on Happiness

Hate Quotes

Helen Keller Quotes

Hell-fire Quotes

Hell Quotes

Hell (Descriptions of by orthodox)

Heroism Quotes

History Quotes

Holy Spirit Quotes

Honor, Honour Quotes

Humanity, Brotherhood Quotes

Human Ignorance Quotes

Humility Quotes

Hypocrisy Quotes

Injustice Quotes

Inspirational, Motivational Quotes

Integrity, Honesty and Virtue Quotes

International Proverbs

Jesus Christ

John R. Wooden Quotes (basketball coach)

Journalism Quotes

Joy and Happiness

Keys to Christian Living

Kindness and Compassion

Law Versus Grace Quotes

Law Quotes

Lawyer Quotes

Leadership Quotes

Life's Purpose Quotes

Life's Wisdom Quotes

Love Quotes (Hundreds of them!)

Love Quotes from the Bible

Lying Quotes

Man's Inhumanity to Man Quotes

Media Control Quotes

Mercy Quotes

Military Quotes

Morality Quotes

Most Quoted Person in the World - Jesus Christ

Quotes on God's Mercy

Nationalism Patriotism Quotes

Open-minded Quotes

Overcoming Evil Quotes

Pain Quotes

Paradox Quotes

Political Aphorisms

Patriotism Quotes

Peace Quotes, Quotes on Peace

Prejudice, Bigotry Quotes

Quotes about Pride (Proud)

Political Correctness Quotes

Political Quotes or Quotes about Politics

Power Quotes

Power, Justice, and Mercy

Praise and Worship Quotes

Prayer Quotes

Rabindranath Tagore Quotes

Racism Quotes

Relationship(s) Quotes

Religion Quotes

Repentance Quotes

Responsibility, Obligation, and Civic Duty Quotes

Salvation Quotes

Smart Quotes

Spirituality and Enlightenment Quotes

Suffering and Tribulation

Thinking Quotes

Truth Quotes

Truth Seeker Quotes

Universalism (Quotes by Church Fathers)

Universalism (Quotes through church history)

Vengeance, Revenge, Eye for Eye Quotes

War Antiwar, Military Quotes

Wisdom Quotes

Wonder Quotes

Words, words words

World's Shortest Sermons

Much more to come!


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