Growing in Grace Testimonials

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  • Gary Amirault's Personal Testimony to the Glory of God Our Father -- Home At Last!

  • Let God Teach You The Bible

  • Catholic Salvation Testimonial

  • Elwin Roach Testimony Elwin Roach, founder of Pathfinder Ministries shares how Jesus came into his life and how he was filled with the Holy Spirit.

  • Nightmares Everywhere by Eric. Believing in Hell can make one's life a nightmare!

    College Term Paper: What The Hell Is Hell? A Pentecostal raised student comes to a realization about the Hell he was taught his whole life -- it's a lie!

  • The Power of the Fear of Hell

  • How I discovered the Good News Really is Good. A former Baptist Minister discovers Jesus really is the Savior of the whole world.

  • How Christianity Turns Potential Christians Away From Christ A Microsoft programmer finds Christ in a most unusual way.

  • Literature Showed Me God's LovePastor Alex from Cameroon discovers Christ's love for all mankind.

  • God's Love for All Mankind by Brian Albert. Brian explains why he now believes Jesus will save all mankind.

  • Saved From a god Who Abandons Humanity by Kevin..."The idea of an eternal hell has harassed me throughout my life - particularly during the past year I have spent in a Christian graduate program."

  • A Great and Sovereign God! by Debbie Boutwell "...It made me sick to think of anyone being burned forever with absolutely no hope of an end to it.  I cried at Bible study, I cried at church, I cried at home?I was a mess..."

  • From Religious Apostasy to Glorious Liberty by Donnie Warren

  • Knowing His Heart by Florian Berndt "...It's not enough to just know the scriptures about God's Plan of the ages, however important this may be. We need to know His heart as well!"

  • Deliverance From the Fear of Death by Michele Sloop "...The fear was getting so strong that all I could think about was death. I questioned whether I was going to heaven or Hell because there were so many good people who lived better lives than me, who were not believers..."

  • True Salvation by Mirek. An ex-drug user shares how Jesus Christ revealed Himself to him.

  • I've Lost My Faith! by Rob Schock. I used to have faith. I was raised in church and continued to attend well into my adult years. I used to believe what I was taught...

  • My Conversion to Universalism by Ravi Holy

  • Testimony from a Worship Leader Hell Holocaust. An anonymous young worshipper shares how he came into a greater understanding of the love and wisdom of the God he loved to praise.

  • From the Spirit of Fear to Perfect Love She shares her journey from plaguing fear to true freedom and peace in Jesus Christ.

  • Unveiled Glory by Hannah Hurnard. The author of the famous "Hinds Feet in High Places" shares how she came into an understanding of God's Father heart for all mankind.

  • For My Broken Heart "I desired to be humble for quite sometime. God was about to move in a big way in my life."

  • A Personal Journey to a Most Unexpected Place by Eddie Browne. "I never saw it coming. Things were in place, the rough spots were ironing out, life was pretty okay, thank you very much. I was a nice evangelical charismatic in a fairly laid-back, growing church..."

  • The Testimony of James Strahan He discovered that salvation is all about God and has nothing to do with our "free will."

  • Does the Teaching of Hell Cause Mania in Some People? Testimonial by Chris Moyer. A combination of the teaching of Hell and Dispensationalism brought this person to suicide. Read how he was set free.

  • Free at last to truly love! -- By Andrew G.. "As a Calvinist, I tried to love others but it was just not possible."

  • My Testimony of God's Grace -- Joe W... From Religion to real relationship, back to religion and finally into atheism and drunkenness back to God's arms, God never left me.

  • Now that I know God is not willing that any should perish I can truly love him -- Steve Walters at age 16

  • I Grew Up with Two Images of God -- Beth Walters

  • Peace at Last! -- Ty Milligan

  • Deliverance From Chronic Manic Suicidal Depression -- Testimony of a Minister, Charles Slagle - Experience explodes arguments.

  • Saved by Jesus Life -- A response to the question - Why would Christians witness if everyone is saved?

  • The Testimony of Hannah Whitall Smith --The missing chapters from her autobiography

  • The Testimony of Ted Jones --The story of a man who suffered a nervous breakdown resulting from his belief in eternal torment

  • The Testimony of Glenn Genoway --How the sovereignty of God has liberated him

  • Witness for a Firemonger? --Some reasons why many Christians do not feel that can share Christ

  • Henry Shalm's Testimony - The "Original Gospel"

  • Craig Neal's Testimony --His son's words cut his heart like a knife

  • Ruth Jacob Finally Freed from Living a Hellish Life --Escaped from night-time terrors into the peace and joy of God's love.

  • Eliza W.-- While on her death bed, God revealed to her His glorious plan to save all mankind, but was rejected by her own pastor as a result of this wonderful revelation.

  • Barbara Buchner -- Is your "Good News" turning people AWAY from Christ instead of TOWARDS Him?

    All I Want Is The Truth Testimony by Roger Glasgow about how Christian denominationalism drove him to the brink of insanity.

  • The Testimony of Mervin L. Behlen -- Driven into a nervous breakdown from the doctrine of Hell.

    Growing Old With Jesus -- Maynard M. Howe Jr. shares his life from unbeliever to Catholic to Baptist to Charismatic and beyond.

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